Resources for Parents
Resource Handbook for Parents on Gifted Education
Social/Emotional Issues of Gifted Children PPT Presented at ACES Mtg. Feb. 3, 2015
College Scholarship Rubrics
Great Books for Gifted Boys
How Do You Raise A Prodigy?
Top Ten Things a Parent Should Know 
Common Myths About GIfted Children  
50 Essential Links for Parents of GIfted Children
Common Myths YouTube Video

Seven Myths of Parents of Gifted Children
College Affordability Website
College Merit Scholarship Information

Websites of Gifted Games, Books & Products: 
Prufrock Press
FatBrain Toys 
Young Explorers 
Great Potential Press
Lakeshore Learning

Online courses for all ages through Northwestern University!

Summer Experiences for Gifted Students 
Camp Inquire -Wright State University: Lake Campus-Brochure Side 1
Brochure Side 2
Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)
Martin Essex Summer School for the Gifted (Jrs. & Srs.)      
Martin Essex Application
Camp Invention
Wright State Summer Enrichment Program (grades 5-12)
The Ross Mathematics Program - OSU (ages 14-18)  
Camp OFLA-Foreign Language Camp
Pipe Organ Encounter (ages 13-18) 
iD Tech - Ohio Summer Camps (ages 7-17)
Yunasa Summer Camp (Middle School: ages 10-15) 
Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Program
Women in Science-OSU
Buckeye Boys State
Buckeye Girls State
Ohio Leadership Institute

Frequently Used Web Links
OAGC (Ohio Association for Gifted Children)
ODE (Ohio Department of Education)
Hoagies Webpage of Gifted Resources
NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children 
Social & Emotional Needs of Gifted Webpage (SENG)
Relevant Facebook Links
Parents of Gifted Children West Central Ohio
West Central Ohio Association for Gifted

Connect a Million Minds
Dr. Sylvia Rimm's Webpage
Gifted Development Center-Linda Silverman
The Davidson Institute
Khan Academy Website
Mensa for  Kids  
Explore Open Courses - free online classes 
World Council for GT Children
National Society for the G/T
John Rosemond's (Parent Psychologist) Webpage Link

Other Resources
Acceleration Request Form
Written Education Plan
Permission to Assess Form
Grading on a Curve
ODE Approved List of Tests for Gifted Identification