R.C.3313.843(F) ACESC Services Costs
The Allen County ESC provides a myriad of services for our member school districts.

1.  Services offered at no excess cost for member districts include:
     -  Bus driver physical exams
     -  Annual bus driver professional development, banquet and awards
     -  Assistance with teacher licensure
     -  Parent Mentor services
     -  Home School application processing
     -  Gifted supervision
     -  Holistic/County-wide Curriculum supervision and support
     -  Professional Development for teachers, administrators and other school staff
     -  Coordination of the Science Enhancement for Science Advancement Program
     -  Coordination of Quiz Bowls
     -  Coordination of Allen County Spelling Bee
     -  Hosting of professional meetings for superintendents, principals, technology coordinators and
     -  Representation and coordination with community agencies and programs
2.  Services offered for a set fee include:
     -  Teaching/Instruction for students residing with the Allen County Juvenile Court - $50 per
         student/per day
     -  Typically developing preschool students - $100 per month (half price for siblings)
     -  Typically developing preschool students meeting conditions of financial need - $70 per month
     -  Professional development for non-member districts - rate individually established based upon
        the request
     -  Fingerprinting - $25 for BCII, $35 for FBI
     -  Curriculum maps - $10 per subject or $450 for complete set (PreK-12)
3.  Services offered on a cost reimbursement rate (actual personnel costs and actual instructional
     equipment, materials/supplies/related costs, plus a five percent administrative fee) include:
     -  Autism classrooms
     -  School Psychology
     -  Special Education supervision
     -  Transition coordination
     -  Gifted Education teaching
     -  Emotional Disturbance teaching
     -  Multiple Disabilities teaching
     -  Multiple Disabilities teaching assistants
     -  Preschool with Disabilities classroom teaching
     -  Preschool Itinerant teaching
     -  Occupational Therapy
     -  Physical Therapy
     -  Alternative School programming/teaching
     -  Speech Pathology
     -  Curriculum Supervision on-site at district