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ACESC Policy Manual
 Allen County Schools Directory (2019-2020)
*   ACESC Job Descriptions

*   ACESC LPDC Information
How to Obtain or Renew an ODE License
*   Consistently High Performing Teacher License

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Employee Benefits
MediKeeper (use with Internet Explorer)

Medical Mutual of Ohio
Plan Source
American Fidelity Flex Reimbursement Form
Dependent Care Reimbursement Form

Allen County Schools Health Plan

Resource Links
State Support Team Region 6

RENHILL.75.png     If you will need a sub on a day off, it is your responsibility to make sure your absence is entered into AESOP as soon as you know of your absence.  To access AESOP, please go to www.aesoponline.com and use the login information provided to you by Renhill Group.  If you need assistance logging into your account, or have any questions, please call our Renhill Account Manager, Bryan Heenan.  He is available Monday – Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  You may leave a message 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If you need to cancel a sub, it is your responsibility to make sure your sub is cancelled.

For further instructions click here for the below underlined
 Three Ways to Register an Absence

 Don't forget to add your absences to the
Employee Leave Kiosk below


Van Forms
- Van Requisition Form 
- Van Request Calendar  

- Van Handbook
- Van Procedures

*  ACESC - 2020-2021 BLANK Work Calendar
*  ACESC - Administrative Office (2019-2020)

*  ACESC - ED/Alternative Programs

*  ACESC - Allen County Preschool at Marimor
*  ACESC - Elida Preschool
*  ACESC - Spencerville Preschool

District Calendars

  2019-2020 Elida Local
Allen East Local Perry Local
Bath Local Shawnee Local
Bluffton Exempted Village     Spencerville Local        
Delphos City Lima City