Master_logo_2015_PNG_1.png  The following job descriptions were approved
                by the Allen County ESC Governing Board.

Assistant to the Treasurer Interventionist/Familly Support Substitute Teacher - Full-Time         NEW 2018
Asst. to Director of Alternative/ED/JDC Programs Occupational Therapist Superintendent
Asst. to Director of Special Education    NEW 2018 Occupational Therapist Assistant Superintendent's Secretary
Assistant Supervisor for Alternative & ED Programs Parent Mentor Teacher Assistant/Aide
Curriculum Consultant Physical Therapist Teacher for the Alternative Program
Director of Alternative/ED & JDC Programs Physical Therapist Assistant Teacher for Children w/Disabilities (ED/MD/Autism)
Director of K-8 Curriculum and Gifted Instruction Preschool Programs Administrative Assistant Teacher for Gifted Education
Director of Preschool Preschool Assessor Teacher for Preschool Children w/Disabilities
Director of Special Education Preservice Bus Driver Training Instructor  UPDATED 2018 Technology Consultant
ED/Alternative Programs Administrative Assistant School Psychologist Transition Coordinator              UPDATED 2018
 Educational Programs Administrative Assistant School Psychologist - Intern                           NEW 2018  Treasurer
Executive Director of Instruction School Social Worker                                    NEW 2018 Truant Officer/Resource Officer
General Ed Teacher/Preschool SESA Coordinator Van Driver                                        NEW 2018
  Speech and Language Pathologist