5th/6th Grade Academic Quiz Bowls
#1 Practice Rounds Results (1/13)


7th/8th Grade Quiz Bowl Meets 

     Fourteen schools competed in the 31st Annual 7th/8th Grade Academic Challenge at University of Northwestern Ohio on Monday, October 28, 2019. 

The results of the final tournament are as follows:  1st place Shawnee Middle School Team coached by Tracy Latta; 2nd place Elida Middle School coached by Barb Hawk; and 3rd place Spencerville Middle School coached by
Melissa Prichard.

Final Results for All Teams

Congratulations to all Participants!

High School Quiz Bowl Meets
Schools competed in the 30th Annual High School Academic Challenge at Lima Central Catholic HIgh School on Monday, December 10, 2018.
The results of the final tournament are as follows:
LCC VAR 1st.JPG WINNERS: (pictured) Lima Central Catholic; 10-1 Record, 363 points
First Runners Up: Elida High School; 10-1 Record,  354 points 
2nd Runners Up: Shawnee High School; 8-3 Record, 379 points
JV WINNERS    Wapak JV 1st.JPG

WINNERS: (Pictured) Wapakoneta High School, 8-1 Record, 283 Points
First Runners Up: Shawnee High Schoo; 7-2 Record, 262 Points 
2nd Runners Up:  Lima Central Catholic High School; 7-2 Record, 244 Points 
Congratulations to all Participants!