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     Nineteen Allen County Schools were represented at the 28th annual Allen County Spelling Bee on Saturday, February 18, 2017. The bee was hosted and sponsored by OSU-Lima, under the gracious organization of Dr. Roger Nimps, Assistant Dean & History Professor and the excellent pronouncing skills of Mike Miller, Morning News Radio Personality from 1150 WIMA News Talk Radio Station.

     All spellers received certificates and participant trophies.

     Runners-up came to represent their schools in case their champion could not participate and received spelling bee certificates and spelling bee cupcakes.

     Participation in a spelling bee increases a student's vocabulary, spelling skills, learning concepts and helps to develop correct English usage. Scripp's Howard has a rich website full of lists of words along with appropriate challenges to help our young spellers develop these academic skills.  Vocabulary knowledge is foundational to all other academic content areas so it is a valuable skill to develop.

We are proud to know we have so many good spellers in Allen County!